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R of S: R76350

Working alias: Sheila Righton


Education: Nottingham Girls’ High School
Edinburgh University: MA English 2:1
Liverpool University: Postgrad.
Diploma Archives

Marital status: separated. 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren

Joined Service: 1969 after working part time in New Delhi office

Description: 5’6” Brown hair, green eyes

Previous career: Assistant archivist, Worcestershire County Record Office
Assistant Archivist, India Office Library
Clerk/typist (part time), to SLO, New Delhi.

Postings: 1969: training
1970: Counter espionage, various posts as desk officer and agent runner
1980: Assistant Director: counter subversion
1984 : Recruitment
1986 : Director Counter espionage
1988: Director Counter terrorism
1991: Deputy Director General
1992-96: Director General

Courses: Initial training courses
Agent running course
Management courses
French language residential course in Lille, France

Honours: DCB

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